Logo examples: logo layout options
Examples of logos

Ex­amples of logo lay­out (brand block)

Today, a logo / brand block, ar­ranged around a cent­ral ax­is and con­sist­ing of three ele­ments: brand name, brand font and descriptor / slo­gan, is the most com­mon op­tion. However, there are also many oth­er logo / brand block designs that suc­cess­fully com­mu­nic­ate the spe­cificity and philo­sophy of the com­pany to the tar­get audi­ence, as well as dis­tin­guish the com­pany from the com­pet­i­tion.

1. Loc­a­tion in the cen­ter

The logo / brand block is ar­ranged around a cent­ral ax­is and con­sists of three ele­ments: the brand name, the brand font, and the descriptor / slo­gan. This is the most com­mon type of block lay­out. Such a com­pos­i­tion cre­ates a feel­ing of sta­bil­ity and re­li­ab­il­ity, solid­ity and solid­ity. Most of­ten, this vari­ant of the com­pos­i­tion of the cor­por­ate block sets the basis for the con­struc­tion of most ad­vert­ising and im­age me­dia around the cent­ral ax­is. This cir­cum­stance helps to cre­ate lay­outs quite eas­ily, but at the same time im­poses sig­ni­fic­ant re­stric­tions on the loc­a­tion of in­form­a­tion and on the im­age that is broad­cast to the audi­ence.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of lo­gos with the brand name in the cen­ter (from left to right): Secret Garden (by Kon­stantin Resh­et­nikov), Elite Agents (by Jani Tavanxhi), Lunifera Beauty (by Olga Donk­ina)

2. Sign to the left of the name

This ar­range­ment, in which the brand name is loc­ated to the left of the com­pany / brand name, con­sists of sev­er­al words. This al­lows the unit to be made more com­pact. This com­pos­i­tion is in second place in terms of pre­val­ence. Of­ten, a cor­por­ate block for one brand is made in two lay­out op­tions: pla­cing all ele­ments in the cen­ter (op­tion 1) and pla­cing the sign to the left of the logo and align­ing the descriptor / slo­gan to the left (op­tion 2).

Logo layout

Ex­amples of lo­gos with the po­s­i­tion of the brand name to the left of the name (from left to right): European Hu­man­it­ies Uni­versity (by Mais De­sign­er), Cury&Rodrig­ues (by Marden Jump), Ma­gic Move (by Kon­stantin Resh­et­nikov)

3. Sign to the right of the name

The loc­a­tion of the brand name to the right of the logo al­lows you to visu­ally main­tain dy­nam­ics and fo­cus on the im­age. Such a com­pos­i­tion is used much less of­ten, but it con­tains many op­por­tun­it­ies for broad­cast­ing the main mes­sage of the brand. For ex­ample, for com­pan­ies whose activ­it­ies are re­lated to tech­no­lo­gic­al pro­duc­tion or re­search, it is pre­cisely this po­s­i­tion­ing of the brand name against the back­ground of com­pet­it­ors that al­lows to at­tract more at­ten­tion of the po­ten­tial audi­ence.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of lo­gos with the loc­a­tion of the brand name to the right of the name (from left to right): In­telaxy (au­thor un­known), Bytt (by Miroslav), Ager (by Uni­case)

4. The sign in the cen­ter sep­ar­ates the name of the com­pany

As a rule, such an ar­range­ment of the brand name looks har­mo­ni­ous in a two-word com­pany / brand name. In these cases, it is lo­gic­al to place a mark between words if there is a need for fre­quent use of the logo / cor­por­ate block on nar­row formats. In ad­di­tion, such a com­pos­i­tion in the lay­out is used quite rarely, which al­lows the brand to look fresh and mod­ern.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of lo­gos with the loc­a­tion of the brand name between the com­pany name (from left to right): Form&Geom (by Signedetti), Pix­sent (by Olga Donk­ina), Websslow (by Jim­per-Max A.)

5. Name above the sign

The name of the com­pany is placed above the graph­ic / brand name. This al­lows for a shape that is close to a square, which is be­ne­fi­cial for logo place­ment.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of lo­gos with the com­pany name above the brand name (from left to right): Ad As­tra Com­mu­nic­a­tion (by Sophie Leroux), Con­tent (by Uni­case), Night Cel­lar Wine (by Uni­case)

6. Font only

In this ver­sion, the logo con­sists only of the graph­ic spelling of the com­pany name. Such solu­tions have com­pan­ies / brands be­long­ing to the premi­um seg­ment, where re­fine­ment and dig­nity are im­port­ant.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of lo­gos that use only font (from left to right): Xoxo (by Ed­die Lob­an­ovskiy), Re­cord (by Steven Crosby), Virtus (by Domantė Nalivaikaitė)

7. Cal­li­graph­ic logo

Com­pared to oth­er op­tions, the cal­li­graph­ic logo al­lows you to visu­ally con­vey the im­age of the com­pany us­ing the font and its ele­ments. Com­pos­i­tions of braided let­ters al­ways look im­press­ive, at­tract at­ten­tion and are well re­membered.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of cal­li­graph­ic lo­gos (from left to right): Fam­ily Bar (by Vic­tor Sevry­ukov), Всё прос­то (by Vova Egosh­in), Most Wanted Brew­ery (by Tron Bur­gundy)

8. The design of the coat of arms

With this ar­range­ment, the brand name, to­geth­er with the name of the com­pany, is braided in­to a single struc­ture ac­cord­ing to the prin­ciple of build­ing em­blems. This helps to cre­ate a hol­ist­ic brand im­age, in which not so much the name is per­ceived, but the whole com­plex of graph­ics. Such con­struc­tions have a cent­ral ax­is of sym­metry and con­vey a sense of sta­bil­ity, im­mut­ab­il­ity and loy­alty to tra­di­tion.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of com­pany lo­gos in the form of a coat of arms (from left to right): A world to dis­cov­er Lis­boa (by Pa­per­lux Stu­dio), DAD (by Al­ex­an­dr Shesh­nev), Huff­man (by Bob Case)

9. The name of the com­pany / brand in­side the graph­ic sign

In this design vari­ant, the shape of the graph­ic sym­bol is a shell for the cor­por­ate font / com­pany name. The in­teg­rity of the per­cep­tion of such a cor­por­ate block, in con­junc­tion with the il­lus­trat­ive­ness of the pictori­al sign that is of­ten used in this case, al­lows you to con­vey a warm im­age of manu­al labor, the unique­ness of a hand-made product or a cafe.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of lo­gos with the com­pany name in­side a graph­ic (from left to right): Храб­рый краб (by Ber­et Graph­ics), Good Day Cafe (by Ken Sak­ur­ai), Slam­wich (by Sam­antha Curcio)

10. Name around the graph­ic sym­bol

The name of the com­pany / brand in this design is loc­ated in a circle and goes around the graph­ic ele­ment / brand name. It is con­veni­ent to enter a long name or slo­gan in­to such a com­pos­i­tion. This brand block tends to be­come an en­tire logo. Some solid­ity is in­her­ent in it, it con­veys a sense of an­tiquity and re­spect for tra­di­tions.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of lo­gos with the com­pany name around a graph­ic (from left to right): Noble Farm­er (by Mi­los Mi­lovan­ovic), Szent György Na­pok (by Szende Bras­s­ai), Get Busy Makin (by Jamieferrato19)

11. Vic­tori­an style lay­out

With this ver­sion, the logo, graph­ic sign, slo­gan, as well as ad­di­tion­al dec­or­at­ive ele­ments, are ar­ranged to­geth­er ac­cord­ing to the laws in­ven­ted in the Vic­tori­an era, when grace, or­nate­ness and sat­ur­a­tion with vari­ous ele­ments com­peted in soph­ist­ic­a­tion with pictori­al tech­niques. Mean­while, des­pite this re­dund­ancy, an ex­press­ive brand im­age is cre­ated that clearly con­veys its val­ues to the audi­ence.

Logo layout

Ex­amples of Vic­tori­an-style lo­gos (from left to right): The Hens­ley&Sons (by To­bi­as Saul), Be Strong (by To­bi­as Saul), Stand­ard Bar (by Dalibor Mo­m­cilovic)

Publication date: 05 June 2017