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Formulation of the problem

Project description

When de­vel­op­ing the pack­aging design for the «Ex­fo­mare» cos­met­ic salt, a mod­ern, light style in light col­ors was chosen. This choice is due to both the pref­er­ences of the tar­get audi­ence and the es­tab­lished can­ons in the design of cos­met­ic products. Gradi­ent col­or trans­itions add ex­press­ive­ness and in­teg­rity to the brand im­age, soften­ing the sever­ity and struc­ture of text blocks with in­form­a­tion. Large styl­ized num­bers fit seam­lessly in­to the pack­aging design and cre­ate a visu­al ac­cent. They also carry a com­pletely con­scious se­mant­ic load: the des­ig­na­tion of each of the com­pos­i­tions of nat­ur­al in­gredi­ents that make up the salt and cause its cos­met­ic ef­fect. The graph­ic of the num­bers com­bines il­lus­trat­ive im­ages of the plants that pre­vail in each salt. The gen­er­al range of pack­aging and col­ors of each design ele­ment to­geth­er cre­ate a pro­nounced dif­fer­en­ti­ation between the products and help the buy­er in choos­ing. The logo, de­veloped in mod­ern font graph­ics, and, com­bined with it, a lac­on­ic sign build the cent­ral ax­is of the com­pos­i­tion, which is in­ter­rup­ted by an asym­met­ric in­sert in the lower half of the pack­age. This cre­ates the ne­ces­sary dy­nam­ics in­her­ent in the chosen mod­ern style and de­signed for a young audi­ence.

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