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End­less move­ment to­wards suc­cess

The French brand­ing agency Graphéine has de­veloped an iden­tity sys­tem for the edu­ca­tion­al or­gan­iz­a­tion APELS, which helps the in­clu­sion of young people with little or no qual­i­fic­a­tions in the sport. This al­lows young tal­ents to be re­cog­nized for their ath­let­ic and so­cial skills, take their fu­ture in­to their own hands, and gain ac­cess to work. The brand­ing agency was tasked with high­light­ing the role of APELS in sup­port­ing the em­ploy­ment of young ath­letes and cre­at­ing a clear visu­al iden­tity for projects un­der the aus­pices of the found­a­tion.

The idea be­hind Graphéine was to cre­ate a sign that would sig­ni­fy the found­a­tion's de­sire to ac­com­pany young people from sport to work­ing life. Here the young man as­pires to work in a com­pany con­sist­ing in the lo­gic of cyc­lic­al pro­cesses. The graph­ic line in the logo and cor­por­ate iden­tity seems to start its race and it seems that it nev­er stops, and is in con­stant mo­tion, form­ing an end­less sign that con­veys this idea. The sil­hou­ette of the sign and the dot in it rep­res­ent a per­son who seeks to ad­apt to pro­fes­sion­al re­quire­ments and find a way to con­quer new goals. The es­sence of the lo­gic of the visu­al im­age is to cel­eb­rate the achieve­ments of a young per­son on his path to em­ploy­ment. It is both a start­ing point and an ar­rival point.

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Since APELS was the ini­ti­at­or of the "School of In­clu­sion through Sport" project, Graphéine needed to cre­ate a unique sig­nage that would im­me­di­ately identi­fy the found­a­tion's projects. Col­or be­comes a dis­tinct­ive ele­ment for the iden­tity of each of the projects cre­ated by APELS. Blue iden­ti­fies the APELS par­ent or­gan­iz­a­tion it­self. The bright red col­or rep­res­ents sports, col­lect­ive and stim­u­lat­ing projects. The col­or tur­quoise is as­signed to the Train­ing Cen­ter and re­flects a more thought­ful, ma­ture sports en­ergy that is re­lated to the idea of train­ing.

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In the lo­gic of an es­cort and a unique jour­ney, the visu­al uni­verse al­lows the line from the sign to draw its own path. The point wanders, picks up speed, in­ter­acts with the text... It is a wit­ness and spokes­man for the ac­tions car­ried out by APELS.

One of the goals of the visu­al iden­tity was to find a visu­al way to ex­press this fea­ture of the path and ad­apt it to all kinds of uses (par­tic­u­larly in terms of format). In this way, the lay­out grid fol­lows a simple prin­ciple: rect­angles are joined to­geth­er to ac­com­mod­ate the title, text, and im­age, al­low­ing for easy lay­out across all me­dia.

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