Design news: creating a corporate identity
Creation of corporate identity


A blank sheet of pa­per as a basis for cre­at­ing a cor­por­ate iden­tity

A blank slate, price­less and com­pletely in­no­cent. It was chosen by the Ger­man design stu­dio "Bruch" as the basis for the cor­por­ate iden­tity of the com­pany called "Weiβes Papi­er", which fo­cuses on the strategy, concept and de­vel­op­ment of your busi­ness. As con­ceived by the de­sign­ers, a blank slate serves as an al­legory of the pro­cess of work­ing on new ideas, thoughts and fu­ture goals of your com­pany. This is very im­port­ant for every new project. It's about ideas and strong con­cepts, and so this ap­proach to iden­tity design provides plenty of room and free­dom for that.

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The dis­tinct­ive typeface, spe­cif­ic use of space and ty­po­graphy, and the fi­nal fin­ish­ing of the im­age print­ing in­dustry cre­ate a sense of ser­i­ous­ness and high qual­ity in the work of the com­pany.

A lac­on­ic con­cep­tu­al ap­proach can be traced in everything that shakes the com­pany's iden­ti­fic­a­tion: from busi­ness cards, let­ter­heads, folders, web space and mo­bile ap­plic­a­tions, and end­ing with the ap­proach to the se­lec­tion and cre­ation of pho­to­graph­ic ma­ter­i­als and texts.

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