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French ter­rit­ory brand­ing at a 45 de­gree angle

Li­mon­est is a city loc­ated in the heart of the Monts d'Or, north of Ly­on. Ex­press­ive land­scapes, an area di­vided in­to nat­ur­al and ag­ri­cul­tur­al lands, an eco­nom­ic cen­ter with 27,000 jobs make this city an at­tract­ive place to live.

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The French de­sign­ers from the Grapheine stu­dio cre­ated a new visu­al im­age and car­ried out a set of works on ter­rit­ori­al brand­ing. The graph­ics of the logo are sym­bol­ic and rep­res­ent, as it were, the to­po­graph­ic land­scape of the area. Break­ing the name in­to three parts, the de­sign­ers fo­cused on the three peaks sur­round­ing the city. Also, such a solu­tion to the logo shows how dy­nam­ic­ally the ter­rit­ory of the city is de­vel­op­ing and re­veals ad­di­tion­al po­ten­tial for growth.

Lac­on­icism and sim­pli­city, lay­out at an angle of 45 de­grees, straight dies and bright, ex­press­ive col­ors - all these de­cisions and prin­ciples of build­ing an iden­tity are dic­tated by the cre­ated logo. But, des­pite the ap­par­ent sim­pli­city, such a sys­tem al­lows you to find an in­ter­est­ing em­bod­i­ment for the design of any type of com­mu­nic­a­tion, re­main­ing in the chosen style and form­ing a stable brand im­age for the audi­ence.

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