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Supremum Design specializes on those activities that are essential for promoting your business: branding of products and services, graphic and object design, prototyping websites, print design, photo design and many other things. The vastness areas of activity together with many years of experience and an innovative approach allows you to effectively solve tasks of achieving success and prosperity of your business in the shortest possible time.
Supremum Design appreciates the individuality of its clients and helps them to realize their dreams come true based on the desires of buyers.


The design concept of the logo and brand name, individualization font logo, development corporate unit.


The development of the basic elements of corporate identity, application of corporate identity on various media (business cards, envelopes, folders, business documents, advertising vehicles, interior offices, design appearance corporate vehicles and uniforms of employees), drawing up guidelines for the use of corporate identity (brand book).


Creation and visualization of design concepts consumer packaging.


Design of promotional production (leaflets, booklets, billboards, etc.), multipage products (books, reference books, encyclopedias, brochures, manuals, etc.), Periodicals (newspapers, journals, diaries, calendars, signs, etc.).

Web Design:

Preparation of the logical structure of websites, their graphic design and development of design layouts.

Object Design:

Designing of an original form of goods or packing (concept design, modeling and visualization of the model).


Subject photography, food-style and culinary design.


Abstract painting for an interior.


Analysis of brand, development and positioning of a unique business name or brand.