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French territory branding at an angle of 45 degrees


Limonest is a city located in the heart of the Monts d'Or mountain range, north of Lyon. Expressive landscapes, the territory divided into natural and agricultural lands, an economic center with 27,000 jobs - makes this city attractive to life.

Creating a corporate identity Identity Territorial Branding Corporate Identity Design

French designers from the studio "Grapheine" created a new visual image and carried out a set of works on territorial branding. The graphic design of the logo is symbolic and represents, as it were, the topographical landscape of the area. Having divided the name into three parts, the designers focused on the three peaks surrounding the city. The similar decision of the logo shows how dynamically the territory of the city develops and reveals additional potential for growth.

City Branding Territorial Branding Brand Identity

Laconism and simplicity, layout at an angle of 45 degrees, straight dies and bright, expressive colors - all these decisions and principles of building identity are dictated by the created logo. But, despite the seeming simplicity, such a system allows finding an interesting embodiment for the design of any kind of communication, remaining in the chosen style and forming a steady image of the brand among the audience.

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