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Using topography to create coffee packaging


The brand "Algorithm" is an innovator in the production of coffee. Raw materials for brand products are grown in ecologically clean areas and has an exceptional taste. The company works with farmers who are passionately devoted to their craft. It uses the latest knowledge and brewing technology for the production, frying and cooking of special types of coffee from around the world, providing a unique quality.

Package design Logo Design Package design

"Algorithm" company applied to the design studio "Freytag Anderson" with the task of developing a new style of packaging for the assortment of mono-varieties of coffee, with one source of origin of raw materials. Using the means of typography in the development of the logo in a circular closed form, the designers of the studio have made the brand noticeable on the shelf and provoking trust among consumers thanks to the strict graphic design of the package. When designing the design, the same task was to come up with such a system of elements in the packaging of products, so that Algorithm could easily introduce new types of coffee into its assortment, depending on seasonal factors.

Product packaging design Graphic design of packaging

The source of inspiration for designers was graphics from topographic maps of the area, on which coffee beans grow. The sinuous lines of the maps are linked figuratively with the linear graphics of the logo, which contributes to the overall perception of the brand.

Packing and label design Logo design development

In order to meet the needs of Algorithm production, two types of packaging were created: for retail (12 ounces) and for wholesale (5 pounds). Variable label templates have also been created and quiet colors chosen to differentiate each type of coffee. The label provides information on the type of soil, height and harvest time.

Logo design company Logo and corporate style development

To create a flexible product range, it was decided to work with suppliers of packaging materials "Savor Brands". The studio developed a corporate design with a characteristic pattern on the side panels of the packages, allowing you to print new labels as needed for each type of product. Labels are applied by wrapping around the edge of the package. Packages are printed in matte white or black, and labels on metal foil to create a tactile contrast of materials.

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