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A blank sheet of paper as the basis for creating a corporate identity


A blank sheet, priceless and absolutely innocent. It was he who chose the German design studio "Bruch" as the basis for creating the corporate identity of the company called "Weiβes Papier", which focuses on the strategy, concept and development of your business. According to the idea of ​​designers, a blank sheet serves as an allegory of the process of working on new ideas, thoughts and future goals of your company. This is very important for every new project. We are talking about ideas and strong concepts, and therefore this approach to the design of identity provides enough space and freedom for this.

The characteristic font, the specific use of space and printing, as well as the final decoration of image printing create a sense of seriousness and high quality in the company's work.

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A laconic conceptual approach can be traced in everything that shakes the company's identity: starting with business cards, forms, folders, web space and mobile applications, and ending with the approach to choosing and creating photographic materials and texts.

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