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News of design


Corporate identity for the
exhibition of contemporary art

The design studio "Tres Tipos Gráficos" has developed a typographic style for an exhibition of contemporary art.

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Corporate Identity Design


Aerial photography of the landscape, transforming into graphic design

A source of inspiration for the designers were various aerial photographs of landscapes.

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Graphic Design


Branding for the world's first supermarket with bio packaging

Design Studio "Made Thought" has developed a corporate identity for a supermarket chain that does not use plastic in packaging.

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Design of corporate style of the store


Corporate style based on the rhythm of typography and color fields

The corporate style for the music conservatory and the schools united under her was developed and implemented by the Canadian design studio.

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Development of corporate style


Russia is a whole world. New Tourist Brand of Russia

A site dedicated to the Russian tourism brand has been launched, which describes the rationale for the chosen brand concept with examples.

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New Tourist Brand of Russia


«Pantone» chose the main color of 2018 - «Ultra-violet 18-3838»

In the company «Pantone» connect «Ultra-violet» with the spirit of invention, creativity and inspiration.

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Color of the 2018 year


The identity of the playbill, built
on a font and color spots

Working together with his team, the design studio "For The People" created eight different posters for the theater to form the identity.

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Creating a corporate identity


Modern, bright and friendly design for the economy segment

The new corporate style for the brand "Hot Paws" turned out to be very cheerful and happy.

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Brand identity


Lettering in the design of labels and packaging of red wine

Designers have created a packaging of wine, causing a sense of refinement and aristocracy.

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Design of packages