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Logo of the company «Swissair». History of brand development and identification system

Swissair has a long history of successful work at the age of 71: from the time it was founded in 1931 to the bankruptcy of the company in 2002 and the formation of Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS). Over the years, several logos have been used, and the brand has undergone a long evolutionary path.

1931. The stage of searches and experiments

The first few years there was no standardized logo, and even the name of the company in the advertisement was not always "Swissair". Sometimes on the posters were "Swiss Airlines" or "Switzerland Air". But the search helped determine the direction and style of the logo, which will be developed in the advertising communications of the next decade.

History of the brand Brand development

1940's. Standardized font logo

In the forties there was a font logo, which was placed on the livery of aircraft, in advertising communications and branded souvenirs. Red color gradually begins to play the role of corporate identifier, in the application of the logo, standards are set that regulate its use.

Elements of corporate identity Rebranding company Logo development

1950's. Sign and dynamic font

The cardinal rebranding of the company was carried out in the 1950s. Designer Reudi Bircher created a corporate sign in the form of a stylized arrow-plane. The graphic design of the logo became dynamic and modern, capital letters were used in the name "Swissair", which betrayed the image of the company integrity and solidity, and the font rhyme of three letters "S" - the dynamics.

For the logo, there were many options for use: the arrow sign with the Swissair logo inside, the variation of the placement of this design in the circle, the use of the logo separately from the sign, the use of the logo only with a descriptor, the ability to place the arrow sign separately from the company name. For all these situations, variations were created: positive for use in light colors, negative for dark tones and additionally for linear variations.

History of the brand Brand development Elements of corporate identity Rebranding company

1960-70's. Only the sign

Further development of the corporate style led to a change in the rules for the use of the logo, an additional blue color appeared. The Swissair logo became quite recognizable, which, in the overwhelming majority of cases, allowed it to be used separately from the sign. A shooter aircraft from the foundation of corporate identity turned into a pictogram and began to be located at a distance from the logo, each time finding new options for location on advertising media.

Logo development History of the brand Brand development Elements of corporate identity Rebranding company

1980-2000. The latest Swissair logo

In 1981 the company celebrated its 50th anniversary, by this date the company was rebranded. A new logo was created, a sign and new rules for using elements of corporate identity. The trademark "Swissair" this time was created only using lowercase letters, behind the logo was fixed black color. The sign is as laconic as possible, at the same time it acquired a rapid, dynamic image. In the corporate sign in the form of a beveled rectangle with a cross in the center, a reference to the flag of Switzerland is unequivocally read. At the same time logos of the companies included in the managing holding "SAirGroup" were developed, in which the identity of the airline can be traced.

History of the brand Brand development Elements of corporate identity Rebranding company History of the brand

2002 year. Completion of the story

The Swissair company went bankrupt in 2002. The company's assets were transferred by the management of the holding to the regional airline "Crossair", which was also part of the "SAirGroup". Later the company's name was changed to "Swiss International Air Lines", abbreviated "SWISS". Currently, SWISS is Switzerland's largest airline.

Publication date: September 09, 2017