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For many years we have been striving to help our Clients in the successful development of business and in building trust among consumers and partners

Supremum Design — design-studio, which specializes in branding of food and non-food products, companies and services. It employs experts in the field of graphic design, corporate identity, printing and web design. The main persons of our studio are:

Employees of the studio

George Vinogradov

Managing Director

A born leader who is able to solve any task and ensure a cohesive and united work of the team.

Employees of the studio

Marina Shtukareva

Creative director

A talented mastermind with Russian and British profile education. She has many years of experience in leading branding agencies, including "Depot WPF" and "Soldis Communications".

Employees of the studio

Alеxаndr Stukаrеv

Strategic Director

A thoughtful and rational leader who calculates the situation for several moves ahead. Optimally balances the creative start of the team.

Turning to our studio for the development of
design, you get:


European quality at the level of leading branding agencies for a much smaller budget.


Author's approach in the development of the project and a sufficient number of options for you to make an informed choice.


Necessary number of improvements to achieve the best result.


Short terms of works (from 7 days) with preservation of high quality of the final result.


Recognizable identification of goods or services that will lead to consumer confidence and, as a result, sales growth.