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"Russia is a whole world here." The site of the tourist brand of Russia


The site of the concept of the new tourist brand of Russia explains the central idea embedded in it and shows the possibilities of using the elements of identity to create an attractive and interesting image of a potential traveler in Russia.

The chosen visual embodiment refers to Suprematism, because this trend in art and the associated cultural codes have stood the test of time and have become associated with our country. The logo created on its basis, as well as the principles of its development in branding different media: from a textile bag to a series of posters for placement in an urban environment - clearly show how universal and recognizable a new tourist brand will be.

Новый логотип бренда России Новый логотип бренда России

The creators of the concept of the tourist brand: Vladimir Lifanov, Ilya Lazuchenkov, Yegor Myznik, Denis Shlesberg, Erken Kagarov - have chosen four reference points for broadcasting in the corporate style. Russian culture, the World Cup, national cuisine and nature are shown in the Suprematist key on billboards, transport, mobile applications, web design and branding of souvenirs.

Новый логотип бренда России Новый логотип бренда России Новый логотип бренда России Новый логотип бренда России Новый логотип бренда России Detailed presentation on the website:
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