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Modern ampersand and antique old style antique in one logo


Blasco&Vila (B&V) is a design firm specializing in sofas and armchairs since 1992. In the city of Mohente (Valencia) they make their own projects in the tapestry studio, which combines traditions, craftsmanship, passion, experience and creativity using the most advanced technologies. In the year when the company turns 25 years old, the company redesigned the logo and visual components of the brand identity of the brand B&V.

Redesign Corporate Identity Examples Identity

The company's management wanted their logo to look more stylish and smart. In addition to the fundamental idea of communication embedded in the brand, the combination of traditions and modernity is also expressed in the renewed identity. The company decided to keep the abbreviation B&V as an additional designation of the company, but the main version of the logo was the full name "Blasco&Vila", which allowed to achieve greater individuality and recognition among customers and partners.

Logo and corporate style development Brand identity of the brand Brand Identity

In the studio of graphic design "Fase Studio" came to the conclusion that the logo should be offered typographical. As a visual solution was chosen antique style antique, so popular in the early nineteenth century, because it looked good and under adverse printing conditions. The Harriet font combines classical aesthetics and modern approach, expressed in exact form and detail. One of the key goals of the logo redesign was to minimize the ampersand, a symbol with great visual power. The studio has developed a personalized ampersand: without serifs, simple shapes and with a cut, which makes it even easier.

The contrast between white, black and blue, as well as a combination of antiquity with a sans serif typeface, visually reflects the idea of tradition-modernity, and also creates an individual and recognizable image of the company.

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