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Branding for the world's first supermarket with bio packaging


The London design studio "Made Thought" in developing the corporate identity (identity) for the world's first supermarket, which does not use plastic for packaging goods, has taken as its basis a simple and strict style of old propaganda posters.

This supermarket is located in Amsterdam and is a branch of the Dutch supermarket chain "Ekoplaza". In it, all products, the nomenclature of which numbers more than 700 types, are placed on the shelves of the store in packages, the material of which is similar in transparency and density to plastic, but made from natural, 100% biodegradable raw materials. On each package are pasted stickers with a laconic logo "Plastic Free".

Creating a corporate identity Creating a corporate identity

According to the designers, they were looking for a new way to look at the problem of using plastic in the modern world. They wanted to realize their vision of the future, which should inspire and open new horizons of people's thinking.

The corporate identity design uses a black and white emblem with the words "Plastic Free", which allows to form a three-dimensional form of a packing box printed in simple bold. The word "Free" is then duplicated several times to form larger forms of boxes. This allows buyers to quickly distinguish products that are completely free of plastic packaging. The design of the logo is simple, which is an advantage for replicating and labeling products in supermarkets around the world.

Creating a corporate identity Creating a corporate identity Creating a corporate identity

The Ekoplaza approach, replacing plastic in the production of packaging for biodegradable raw materials, is the first of its kind and represents a significant breakthrough towards environmental friendliness and environmental preservation. "They [Ekoplaza supermarkets] demonstrate that giving up plastic does not mean giving up choice, convenience or quality. Instead, the lack of plastic enhances the visual properties of the product. All of these things become the embodiment of design that changes people's behavior for the benefit of the planet that we will leave for generations to come ... Design can never be truly progressive unless it changes consumer behavior"-said Ben Parker, founder design studio «Made Thought».

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