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Aerial photography of the landscape, transforming into graphic design


German photographer Tom Hegen in his aerial photographs of landscapes that have been altered as a result of industrial salt extraction seeks to show the fragile harmony of the existence of nature and human activity.

Modern graphic design Modern graphic design

The extraction and production of sea salt is one of the oldest forms of human intervention in the space of nature. Sea salt is obtained from the natural evaporation of sea water from artificially created ponds. The color of the water indicates the degree of their salinity due to microorganisms living in these ponds. It can range from light shades of green to bright red.

Modern graphic design Modern graphic design

The industrial production of sea salt affects large areas around the world, therefore salt ponds and swamps are an important habitat for many species of living organisms such as birds, mollusks and microorganisms. As a result of this symbiosis, unusual, graphically expressive landscapes are obtained that can inspire people to new ideas and create modern creative projects in the field of graphic design.

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