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Accidental typography and pastel tones for the fashion week


The corporate style for the week of fashion "Donostia Fashion Week" from the Spanish studio "Fase Studio" is laconic and is based on a unique accented font designed specifically for this project. Week of fashion "Donostia Fashion Week" began to be held from 2013 as a platform for meeting professionals, and also to enhance the role of the fashion industry as a generator of financial well-being and employment in the city of San Sebastian ("Donostia" in the Basque language).

Elements of corporate identity Corporate Identity Examples Analysis of corporate identity

To attract the attention of the audience and stand out against the background of other landmark events in the life of the city, the visual identification of the week of fashion "Donostia Fashion Week" should be bright and unique, without losing any refinement.

Designed by the studio "Fase Studio" font, in the construction of signs uses a combination of shapes resembling neon tubes and figuratively refers to the style of art deco. It is used as an axis of the project and combined with a sans-serif font, and complex pastel colors counterbalance the features of the graphic solution and give posters and information brochures a more calm and elegant look.

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