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Laconic design of the documentary photography album


A photographer from Germany, Tom Hegen is trying to fix on his pictures taken from a bird's eye view, human intervention in the natural spaces of nature. The result of this work was an illustrated album in which aerial photographs are placed in accordance with the main questions the author sets himself: where do we extract raw materials, how does agriculture affect the environment, how do roads and railways change our habitat? The design of the album was created in order to present the idea of ​​the photographer as clearly and without additional graphic details.

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The questions are answered in five chapters, which include 90 photos in total. They tell the story of human evolution, as well as some facts shown in the form of infographics. Photoworks gravitate towards abstraction and modern aesthetics, so that the viewer sees our habitat from a new perspective. The author believes that the understanding of the surrounding nature gives hope for its preservation in the future.

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