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Typographic corporate identity for the exhibition of contemporary art


When developing a visual identification system for an exhibition of contemporary art, the Spanish studio "Tres Tipos Gráficos" decided to take as a basis the concept of "exhausted space" expressed by the French writer and filmmaker Georges Perec (Georges Perec) in 1975.

Creating a corporate identity

In the "Tres Tipos Gráficos" studio they created a typographic system based on the repetition of signs and the desire to occupy all possible space of advertising medium, which is chosen for building communication, regardless of format and size, be it a poster or cover of the exhibition catalog.

Creating a corporate identity Creating a corporate identity Creating a corporate identity Creating a corporate identity

In this corporate style, typography coexists with graphics and photographs, housed within a clear modular system. Monochrome posters dilute the area of the orange background designed to accentuate the visitor of the exhibition. Selected by the authors of the corporate style, deliberate schematic and simplicity, creates a visual image as best suited for decorating contemporary art.

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