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Modern, bright and friendly design for the economy segment


"Hot Paws" is a brand of accessories for cold weather, aimed at families with low income and represented in large supermarkets. During the rebranding, the Canadian studio "Polygraphe" wanted to replace the image of the economy-brand in a new way, expressing freshness, youth and friendliness. In their opinion, this will cause an interest in design and make consumers be proud that they wear things from this brand.

Corporate Identity Design Corporate Identity Design Elements of corporate identity

The new corporate style of "Hot Paws" turned out to be cheerful and happy. Logo as the main element of the creative concept is the letter "H" with a horizontal line in the form of a smile. Also, the brand-slogan is proposed: "Find your happy place", which naturally corresponds to the visual image. The color of the horizontal line-smiles-varies depending on the context and category of the product.

Logo and corporate style development

To help consumers better navigate the brand products, a series of icons was created, showing the advantages of each type of product. The icons have a simple minimalistic style and their own colors, characteristic for each category.

Also, a detailed brand book was developed to help customers and partners correctly introduce a new corporate style system.

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