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Lettering in the design of labels and packaging of red wine


The company "Niche Wine Co." decided to release a limited edition new brand of luxury wine, referring to the family traditions of winemaking. For the project "Somm" designers Ryan Atkinson and Wing Lau created a package that causes a sense of refinement and aristocracy. This image is expressed in the idea, naming and graphic language of the label.

Design of packages Design of packages

Sommelier is an expert in the wine world, his taste, knowledge and experience help to make an impeccable choice. Therefore, the idea of brand design is based on the sommelier notebook, in which he leaves his thoughts and notes about wines. These records, with a personalized aesthetics, a calm and confident, self-aware price, impress the target audience of the brand, for which good taste and dignity speak volumes.

Design of packages

Each bottle is made by hand, which creates a feeling of the collection product associated with the image of the place and tells the history of the wine-growing heritage of the region. The individually labeled label and bottle, wrapped in a printed paper napkin and located in a wooden box, emphasizes the premium quality of the wine "Somm".

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