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Modern trends
in the design of logos

At the present time, the use of mobile devices has significantly increased when working in the Internet environment. This gives companies the opportunity to communicate with the consumer at greater levels of interaction, helps to integrate advertising communication into people's daily lives, while making less intrusive ways to achieve their marketing goals. This trend directly affects the visual part of the Internet space. And also reflects on the design of branded signs and logos of those companies, goods, services, the promotion of which largely takes place in the network. An attempt to analyze the information published recently on the design portals has made it possible to identify several trends and trends that can be traced in the design of brand names.

Drawing by hand

Roughness, non-painted areas and inaccuracies, which are common in drawing by hand, convey warmth and humanity to the communication between the logo being developed and the consumer. The brand is getting closer to the person, in this style there is a simplicity and truthfulness that promotes the appearance of a sense of trust. And it's not paradoxical, but during the general transition to the use of mobile devices and the loss of the need to access the paper medium in the transmission of information (for example, the rejection of the usual notes, mark-ups and the transfer of more messages to the digital format), even in our everyday life the inscription or drawing by hand still carry a living emotional overtones that can be successfully used in marketing Lyakh.

Dan Cotton Lettering Julie Song Ink Nathan Durrant / Elixir Design
Supremum Design: Company's logo Supremum Design: Company's logo Supremum Design: Company's logo

Hexagons and planes

The hexagon is a regular geometric shape, universal and stable. In the animal world is found as an element of honeycomb structure of honeycombs. In the scientific world - in complex molecules of carbon (for example, graphite), which have a hexagonal crystal lattice. In this geometric form there is also a lot of potential for application in design. A hexagon can universally transfer the science intensity of an enterprise or product, and also describe the technological nature of engineering solutions obtained in the field of architecture and construction. At the same time, the audience creates a sense of competence with a company with a similar brand name.

Maurizio Pagnozzi Sebastiany Branding & Design Alice Kenny / Ogilvy
Supremum Design: Company's logo Supremum Design: Company's logo Supremum Design: Company's logo

Skeletons and linear geometry

Linear drawings and plans showing all the faces of the three-dimensional shape and revealing its design are also common when creating logos. These elements in the design of brand names help to uniquely convey the accuracy and thoughtfulness of the company's decisions, as well as explain the detailed miscalculation and weighted actions. In this approach, the generalized external form of the logo is revealed in internal interactions and intersections of lines, which makes the graphics of the brand name interesting and memorable.

Chris Yoon Stilistica
Branding Agency
Vladimir Vasic
Supremum Design: Company's logo Supremum Design: Company's logo Supremum Design: Company's logo

Publication date: September 20, 2015